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About us

Global sales expertise with impact

A trusted partner

4C Global is an international growth consultancy dedicated to helping energy companies achieve their growth potential.

Our experienced consultants have all held executive-level roles within energy businesses covering all major international hubs and offer connectivity at the highest level. With straight-talking advice, we work together as a global team to assist your growth journey.

Due to our unique position in the market, our consultants provide actionable insights and a robust channel-checking framework that ensures you can make smart decisions based on market reality, from commercial strategy to executive decision-making.

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Why work with us

We understand what’s required for you to achieve sustained growth without adding headcount to your business.

Our team is trusted by multi-national energy services companies, oil and gas operators, and renewables businesses to create high-performing sales teams and strategies that deliver.

While some consultancies lack real-world experience, we have built and led teams that have added millions of dollars to their organisations’ bottom lines.

Partnering with the best, worldwide

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4C Global’s consultants have the experience to develop business development strategies with exceptional impact. We work to support your internal sales team and build competencies to ensure results are sustained long-term.

Lack the budget for a global sales function?

With international coverage, we can create and deliver strategies while you sleep, saving on travel and reducing your carbon footprint.

Meet our founder, Finlay

Our founder is a respected industry figure, with an international career in business development and commercial strategy. Finlay specialises in sales execution optimisation, with a knowledge-led, straight-talking approach to identifying and overcoming significant business development challenges.

4C Global’s four key pillars of confidence, curiosity, consistency, and courage have underpinned each of the major growth milestones Finlay has achieved to date, including tripling the market share of an energy service company, managing a highly profitable commercial banking portfolio and helping to secure over $1billion of contract backlog for an international drilling contractor.

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The 4Cs


Instilling self and market awareness to compete effectively and set your business apart.  Challenging each other throughout.


Educating teams to explore the market, to better understand their customers and buying process. Informed solutions that are both simple, insightful, and create value for the end user.


Applying stability to your sales process and developing a clear sense of what good looks like.


Parking egos and demonstrating resolve to transform difficult negotiations into profitable business wins.

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Can you afford to wait?

Waiting can be fatal for businesses in today’s fast-moving, fast-changing market.

As global activity heats up, acting now will make the difference between capitalising on opportunities or being left behind.