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Complete sales support to fast-track your growth.

No matter your sales challenge, our experienced team has the commercial know-how and connectivity to help you to build and convert your pipeline globally. As independent advisors, we`ll work together to elevate each aspect of your business development process to deliver a robust and repeatable approach.

We know there is no one-size fits all solution to sales challenges. Our tailored approach draws on deep industry experience across three core areas:

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Growth accelerator programme

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Business development consultancy

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International growth and market insight

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Expert insights from the people who ‘get it'

4C Global’s advisors have the experience to develop business development strategies with exceptional impact.

We will work together, supporting your internal sales team to build competencies and ensure results are sustained long-term.

Growth accelerator programme

Take your sales function and management team through our proven five-step coaching programme to level up your sales process and deliver results for the long-term.

Salespeople are inherently good at talking, but seldom are active listeners. Management teams can have selective hearing when it comes to sales performance or the voice the customers. We`ll engage with existing and potential clients, staff, management, and investors to truly understand your current market positioning and where there is room for real value creation. With a true baseline established, we set aside all ego`s before taking you on a journey of discovery before building a bespoke programme that takes your process from undefined to optimised, removing all internal challenges, allowing space for a highly optimised culture than creates untold value for both staff and your customers.

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Business development consultancy

In addition to developing strategies that work, our experienced and networked advisors are ideally placed to support your management team to both identify and remove barriers to your success.

Alternatively, our team can be deployed to act as your sales function to understand barriers to success. Alternatively, we can act as your sales function, engaging with key stakeholders as appropriate. Together, we will build competencies and improve processes to ensure results are sustained for the long term.

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International growth and market insight

With respected industry figures residing in all key regions who engage daily with their own local network, we provide real time market insight ahead of the crowd, providing business development support to grow your international footprint and reach your global potential.

From delivering market updates and analysis, engaging with local operational teams and local regulators, or establishing and managing joint venture partnerships we act as your eyes and ears in the region