Meet Finlay

Founder and Managing Director

Finlay C Johnston

During his 25-year career, Finlay has been a key enabler for both established businesses and new-start business growth projects. Developing and delivering unique commercial strategies for a range of businesses.

Starting off in retail and commercial banking this opened his eyes to the world of business. Working closely with senior leadership teams and mentors he developed a deep commercial knowledge and insight into how buying decisions were made. This provided a robust foundation for a move into the Oil & Gas sector in a business development capacity in 2009.

Finlay Johnson 4C

Over the past 13 years, Finlay has become the consummate commercial and business development professional. With strong stakeholder management, planning, and strategic analysis skills, Finlay has been successful at establishing new business within some of the most politically and competitively sensitive environments in the world. Finlay’s ability to foresee and anticipate challenges has helped to mitigate project and financial pitfalls on multiple projects. 

He brings to the team creative direction, leadership, strong negotiation abilities and a proven track record for growth. 

During his time in commercial banking and Oil and Gas it was abundantly clear that employers were finding it difficult to hire highly trained, competent sales professionals. Top performers were a scarce and very expensive resource, leading companies to make poor hiring decisions, providing little guidance or training to teams then quickly pointing the finger of blame when they unsurprisingly didn’t perform. 

Today more than ever, the sales team is the most critical function in your organisation but also allows the potential for a single point failure. Management frequently fail to recognise this or don’t have the skills to make the positive change required. 

Finlay is passionate about delivering that much desired change, to deliver tangible results for his clients. 

4C was set up with the sole purpose of providing an outsourced highly trained, trusted experienced, networked professionals to act as a trusted partners in your business, supporting true growth.


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